Spine Surgery – Minimally Invasive Surgical treatment For Head & Neck

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Minimally invasive head and neck surgical treatment is a highly specialised approach for evaluating, diagnosing and treating benign or cancerous growths situated within the head and neck utilizing special instruments inserted as a result of the nose (trans-nasally) and mouth (trans-orally). The advantages of minimally invasive head and neck operation involve considerably less chance of infection and damage to facial nerves and muscle tissues, considerably less hazard of disfigurement and a shorter recovery time.

A variety of specially designed, hugely adaptable fiberoptic endoscopes are applied to visualize the place. The surgeon could use classic surgical devices and/or lasers to complete the needed method by the nose and mouth as well.

Who performs minimally :-

A partial listing of circumstances that may possibly be dealt with and procedures that could be executed applying minimally invasive head and neck surgical treatment involves:

o Sentinel lymph node biopsy for diagnosing and staging head and neck cancers, particularly cancers of the tongue and mouth
o Nasal and paranasal tumors
o Salivary gland tumors
o Soft palate cancer
o Thyroid cancer
o Laryngeal tumors
o Pharyngeal tumors
o Zenker’s Diverticulotomy
o Transoral laser surgical procedure
o Precise identification of tumor borders employing working microscope

MIS is made use of for most patients this will translate into actual physical, psychological and cosmetic rewards. Advantages of minimally invasive backbone operation include things like :-

o For some clients, the medical procedures can be carried out in an outpatient clinic.
o Less blood loss
o Smaller scars
o Diminished publish-operative suffering
o Less problems to muscle mass and pores and skin
o Faster and simpler rehabilitation
o Quicker return to regular things to do

Herninated Disks, Spinal Stenosis, Spinal Deformity, Compression fracturers these are the methods utilised in Minimally Invasive Backbone Surgical treatment.

In India, some of the finest environment renewed spinal surgeons doing the job for their respective JCI Accrediated hospitals like Apollo Hospital- Chennai, Apollo Hospital – Delhi, Wockhardt Clinic – Mumbai, Manipal Hospital – Chennai etcetera.

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