Diet to Gain Muscle Mass – 3 Skinny Guy Foods to Gain Muscle Mass Fast

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When thinking about how to gain muscle mass quickly most skinny guys think that following a weight lifting program is the most important thing, and that by sticking to the routine, they’ll pack on slabs of rock hard muscle in no time.

However, a solid weight training routine is really only half the story. If you are serious about building muscle quickly you need to get serious about your diet and nutritious plan, because without it, you can lift weights as long as you want, but you won’t see the gains you are looking for.

By following a diet to gain muscle mass, you feed your muscles the energy, proteins and nutrients they need for optimal repair and growth – failure to do so will lead to stunted muscle growth, and in some extreme cases, muscles actually getting smaller!

How Many Calories Per Day Is Right For Me?

The ideal diet to gain muscle mass should consist of a high number of calories. While this will vary depending on your individual circumstances, a ballpark figure can be attained by multiplying your current bodyweight in pounds by 24. So, if you currently weight 150 pounds, then you should be getting about 3,600 calories per day (150×24).

Below, I’m going to show you 3 of my favourite foods to include in a diet to gain muscle mass.


I’m nuts about nuts…always have been. It’s just as well that these are little sticks of protein dynamite that can explode your muscle growth when included in your diet to gain muscle mass.

While a lot of folks avoid nuts because they contain almost 50% fat, this is not a mistake that skinny guys should make, since these fats are good fats…not to mention the fact that nuts contain around 25% protein.

Easily carried around they make an excellent snack and essential addition to your diet to gain muscle mass.


My favourite way to start the day is with oatmeal. This complex carbohydrate is a bodybuilder favourite, and is digested slowly by your body providing slow-release energy, which prevents blood sugar highs and lows, and keeps you fuller for longer.

Try including nuts and dried or fresh fruits with your oatmeal to get some extra protein and healthy calories with your breakfast. Stick to raw unprocessed oats, they’re healthier.

Lean Red Meat

While there is a lot of talk about the muscle building values of white meats such as chicken and turkey, I sometimes feel that lean red meats are a little forgotten.

As a skinny guy you should make red meat a part of your diet to gain muscle mass, as the quality of protein is excellent, as well as the additional iron, which helps to transport oxygen to your muscles more efficiently – this iron is something that white meats lack.

Make sure you only get good quality lean meat…you don’t want too much unnecessary animal fat in your diet to gain muscle mass. Naturally lean meats like venison are fantastic and make really tasty steaks too.

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